We want the women to be able to influence and combat existing
anti-gypsyism discrimination.

Roma Connect is european sponsored project, with the main goal to connect grassroots Roma women across four european countries, and raise awareness against anti-gypsyism and boost their leadership capacity.


The general objective of the Project is to empower and support grassroots Roma women by creating a European network, where they have a common and safe space to support and learn from eachother, and to launch a anti-gypsysim campaign. The end goal is to have an institutional impact, both on the national and the European level.

  • To create trust between Roma and non-Roma communities.
  • To create a European Network for the Roma women in all four countries.
  • To foster right awareness through training activities.


The Campaign is the heart of the Project!

One of the outputs of this Project is to launch an Anti-gypsyism Campaign on the national level, in all four countries of the consortium, and on the European level. It is the Roma women themselves that will be discussing, creating, and deciding the content of the campaign, with the support and help of professionals and staff of the organisations, to be able to reach the biggest impact possible. 

The Campaign launch is approaching,
stay tune for more updates!

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The Roma Connect Project involves four organisations from
Hungary, Greece, Romania, and Spain.

coordinator of the Project.

Alternative Innovative Development (A.I.D)


Intercultural Institute Timisoara