On International Romani Day, we’re excited to unveil our newest video on our website, highlighting the remarkable journey of Alexandra, a phenomenal Roma woman from Romania! 🌟 Tap the link to watch her inspiring story and join us in celebrating!

Collaborating closely with numerous Roma women from Greece, our Greek partners crafted this video to confront the issue of anti-Roma racism. Its primary goal is to shed light on the significant impact that such discrimination has on both individuals and communities.

Stay tuned for the other videos!

What about this Campaign?

The Campaign is the heart of the Project! One of the outputs of this Project is to launch an Anti-gypsyism Campaign on the national level, in all four countries of the consortium, and on the European level. It is the Roma women themselves that will be discussing, creating, and deciding the content of the campaign, with the support and help of professionals and staff of the organisations, to be able to reach the biggest impact possible.

So how will we do this?

During the first months of the Project, we have been building trust and mutual confidence between the Roma women from all four countries. Slowly but surely we are establishing a solid Network Group where valuable information and experiences are being shared.

The women, from diverse backgrounds, age groups and profiles, have been taken their time to work on the national level within their organsiations. Additionaly they have had the opportunity to get to know the Roma women from the other countries through online trainings and online network meetings. Some have also had the opportunity to meet eachother in Budapest, during the second transnational Project meeting in October 2023.


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