This output has two main objectives: to foster rights awareness and provide the Roma women with the necessary tools to carry out their activism. In total five trainings, on five different topics, will be carried out in the framework of this Project.

The trainings will be created and conducted by different persons who have a in-depth knowledge about the following topics:

  • Anti-gypsyism
  • Public Narratives
  • European Law
  • National Laws
  • Social impact


All the trainings are based on dialogic methodology, scientific literature and are solution oriented. They are treating important social topics for the everyday lives of the Roma women. During the session, the trainer is in constant contact with the participants, and exchange of ideas and opinions are encouraged. Women from all four countries of the consortium are connecting through Zoom platforms, and translation is ensured by the staff of the organizations.


First training: Anti-gypsyism

The first topic was divided into two separate sessions, because of the complexity of the topic.

Session 1A.
27th of June 2023

Our first session was focusing on the existing prejudices and the participants had time and space to reflect on this and how they are defining themselves as Roma women.

Session 1B:
26th of September, 2023

The second session threatened more in depth the concept and definition of anti-gypsyism.


Second training: Public Narratives

30th of October, 2023

The second training was how to use Public Narratives to create an impactful Campaign, and helped the women and the organizations to develop a solid strategy when creating the campaign.


Third training: European Laws

Participants gained invaluable knowledge about European laws designed to combat discrimination, paving the way for a future where equality reigns. Learn more about this great training here: Empowering Change: Reflecting on European Laws Training with Roma Connect – Roma connect


Fourth training: National Laws

This training was organised nationally in each country since it only focused on the specific national and local laws. Unleash the power of tailored training! Our past sessions were conducted nationwide and meticulously crafted to delve deep into the nuances of local and national laws.


Fifth training: Social Impact

On February 5th, during our Social Impact training, we delved into the realm of social change armed with the formidable tools of science, breaking down barriers, dispelling misinformation, and paving the way for positive transformation!

Find out more about this training here. 


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