Network of Roma Women

The Roma women are present in all parts of the Project, but in this Output, they are the most important component.

The main objective of the Network groups is to be able to meet on a monthly basis with the Roma women in each country, and every two months on the European level, so the national Network groups in Rumania, Greece, Hungary and Spain, can connect and exchange experiences and ideas.

The goal of the Network Group is twofolded; to contribute to the evaluation of the different parts of the Project, mainly the Campaign, but also to create sustainable and longlasting relationships amongst the women across different European countries. The groups should be safe places where the women can share their struggles, challenges, successes and celebrations, and work together to improve the lives and conditions of Roma communities.

The Network Groups are composed of Roma grassroots women with diverse backgrounds, age groups, and profiles. There are students, stay at home moms, and, profesionals from diverse fields.

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Previous European Network Group Meeting:

1st meeting: 31 March 2023

2nd  Meeting: 6 of June 2023

3rd meeting: 26th of September 2023


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