Empowering Change: European Laws Training Highlights

Sunday December 10th, 2023

We are pleased to present the key takeaways from our recent international training session on European Laws as part of the Roma Connect Project. Catalina Olteanu, the first Romani woman to join the Board of Directors at the National Council for Combating Discrimination in Romania, was the trainer, offering invaluable insights into the European legal landscape on discrimination.

Trainer Profile: Catalina Olteanu
Catalina brought her extensive experience to the forefront, guiding participants through a nuanced exploration of European laws and their significant role in combating discrimination.

Focus on Key Countries
The training session delved into the legal frameworks and institutions at the EU level, with specific attention to Romania, Hungary, Greece, and Spain. Participants gained comprehensive insights into the laws shaping the lives of individuals in these countries.

Key Discussion Points

  • Identifying Protective Institutions within the EU
  • Understanding Laws Applicable to Project Countries
  • Addressing the Gap between Laws and Implementation

Highlighting a Critical Issue
A crucial revelation emerged during the training – the existence of laws without effective implementation. Recognizing this gap is essential, as it empowers individuals to advocate for the proper enforcement of their rights.

Turning Knowledge into Action
Armed with a deeper understanding of the legal framework, participants are now equipped to demand the rightful protection of their community’s rights. This transformation of knowledge into action is crucial for fostering a discrimination-free future through education and awareness.


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